Main Events

Seminar : Istanbul’daki Osmanlı Türbeleri ve Roma Eserleri

Please join us at this informative talk which will be in Turkish. — continue reading ›

Music & Meze – Kafkas Night

SOLD OUT – Thank you for the overwhelming interest, this event is now sold out. We have no more seats. — continue reading ›

Community Announcements & Holiday Wishes

Meeting of Turkish Professionals

A group of Turkish professionals have organized a networking meeting to be held in […]

New Business

Our friend, TACAM member Handan Ege has started a new business. She will be […]

TACAM Student scholarship 2018

This is the third year in a row that TACAM continues support students in […]

Consul General Umur Acar’s Visit

We are pleased to inform you that the Consul General of Turkey in Chicago […]

Save the date: Nov 3, Republic Day Ball

We are happy to announce that the invitation cards for the Republic Day Ball […]

& Education

Southfield International Festival

TACAM’s Mozaik Folk Dance Group participated in the annual Southfield International Festival on November […]

Summer Classes at TACAM

Please spread the word that there will be Turkish and/ or English conversation classes […]

Detroit Storytellers Festival

TACAM represented the Turkish community at the Fourth Annual Detroit Storytellers Festivals at the […]

Music lessons at TACAM

Our dear friend Dilek Engin, Ms., D.M.A. who has recently graduated from MSU, has […]

International Festival at Southfield

TACAM is representing Turkey at the 94th International Festival in Southfield. Mozaik Folk Dance […]


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  • If you were born and raised in Turkey and miss many cultural connections…
  • If you were born into Turkish parents…
  • If you have visited Turkey and enjoyed the culture…
  • If you have served or worked in Turkey and have fond memories…
  • If you are interested in learning about Turkish culture and history…
  • If you fell in love with a Turkish person and married into Turkish culture…
  • Then, Turkish American Cultural Association of Michigan Welcomes You!