Main Events

Workshop: College Admissions

TACAM High School Chapter (THSC) is pleased to announce a workshop on College Admissions during COVID-19. — continue reading ›

Bayramlaşma ve Sanal Söyleşi

Hepinizi 2020 yılı Kurban Bayramında uzakta olan dostlarımızla hasret gidermek, COVID-19 nedeni ile görüşemediklerimizle bayramlaşmak ve bayramımızı sevinç ile kutlamak için — continue reading ›

Garo Laçin ile Tarih Söyleşisi: İmparatoriçe Theodora

Garo Laçin ile tarih söyleşilerine Temmuz ayında da devam ediyoruz. Bu sohbetinde Garo Laçin bize İmparatoriçe Theodora’nın hikayesini — continue reading ›

Community Announcements & Holiday Wishes

Sad News

We are deeply saddened with the news that long time TACAM member Yıldırım Selçuk […]

Congratulations to ATAA!

We are happy to announce that our umbrella organization Assembly of Turkish American Associations […]

Covid-19 Fundraiser UPDATE

The Covid-19 outbreak and subsequent quarantine of communities has caused many households to lose […]

Celebrate May 19 with your videos

Amid state mandated social distancing during COVID-19 pandemic, TACAM decided to celebrate the 101st […]

Volunteers are needed for the research in the Heath Education Program

This is the message form our friend Nilgün Sezginiş: I am a Ph.D. candidate […]

& Education

Very first activity of TACAM HSC

TACAM High School Chapter collected 240 items and $40.00 during 2019 Thanksgiving to Christmas […]

TACAM High School Chapter

We are pleased to announce the TACAM High School Chapter under our Education and […]

Republic Day Proclamations

On October 29, along with our friends, family, and entire Turkish nation, Turkish American […]

Meeting with TSA

On the evening of Thursday, October 24, 2019 TACAM joined the Turkish Student Association […]

Southfield International Festival

TACAM’s Mozaik Folk Dance Group participated in the annual Southfield International Festival on November […]


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