2010 TACAM Survey

Thank you for all that participated in the survey! We will be processing the results and sharing what we learned with our community.

We hope to improve TACAM and foster community support throughout 2010. This survey is a first step is getting back your feedback for TACAM. We kindly ask you to fill out the below questionnaire by August 7, 2010. It should only take about 10 minutes. This will enable you to make a difference in the Turkish-American Community in Michigan and in the future of TACAM activities.

The TACAM Board of Directors and TACAM Committee leaders participated in a professional workshop on June 13, 2010, to review the targets, strategies, approaches and event calendar for the year ahead. As a result, the following strategies were set: (1) Increasing the voice of the Turkish-American Community on all levels, (2) soliciting membership input for creating further engagement, synergies and networking, (3) focusing on advanced cultural, educational, grassroots and outreach activities, (4) further developing and empowering TACAM committees. On the other hand, key challenges identified were lack of human and funding resources. In order to efficiently carry out the item 2 above, we absolutely need your feedback and recommendations, and kindly ask you to fill out this questionnaire. Your feedback will be considered in finalizing our new strategic plan, which will be sent to your provided email address below.

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