Support Students with your Fitre and Zekat

Dear Friends,

As you know Ramadan is a giving month, and if you have not decided where to pledge your fitre and zekat, we may kindly suggest our “support students” projects.

You may have heard that since last year TACAM has committed to support 2 medical students chosen by CYDD (Çağdaş Yaşamı Destekleme Derneği) in Turkey for 6 years, and one university student in Michigan each year. We were able to activate these projects last year with your help. Thank you very much!

This year, we are also planning to collect at least $1800 for the second year of the medical students, and send it to CYDD by the end of August. We think this is a good cause, and hope you also think this is a good option for your fitre and zekat. If so, please send a check payable to TACAM with the explanation of student projects. It will be also tax deductible.

Address: TACAM PO Box 3445, Farmington Hills, MI 48333.

Your sincerely,