TACAM General Assembly

We would like to introduce you the new TACAM board members elected at the General Assembly held on Sunday April 30th. While some members who served during 2015-17 term have decided to continue, several new enthusiastic friends have also joined.
I, my self, am one of those who wanted to continue for another 2 year term, and will try to be worthy of your trust and support.

Yesterday, we have also celebrated the 45th Anniversary of TACAM, and appreciated the people who established TACAM, and served for it during all those years. Now, this new group with full of fresh, oxygenated blood will carry the torch for another 2 years. Please welcome them!

TACAM 2017- 2019

President: Nilüfer Esen-Bilgin
Vice President: Gökhan Özalp
Treasurer: Mehmet Erdem Yaya
Secretary: Burçin İsmailoğlu Yavuz

Board of Directors (in alphabethical order):
Gonca Akdoğan-Eren
Necmi Aydıntürk
Reyhan Erin-Capobianco
Elif İzberk-Bilgin
Müge Karahan-Okuyucu
Volkan Salmanlı
Deniz Şen

Board of Trustees:
Hülya Ahmed
Leyla Ural-Ahmed
Ferid Ahmed
Kerem Baştürk
Didem Hepaktan
Alparslan Peker

We can only be successful with you support, which starts with being a member, and paying your membership dues. Please check the link http://tacam.org/membership/ about membership to get more information.

Nilüfer Esen-Bilgin