BTF Cinema4aCause

BTF Cinema4aCause Showing of “yapabilirsin” (You can do it)

BTF Cinema4aCause is thrilled to present “YAPABILIRSIN” (You can do it!) documentary produced and directed by Tuluhan Tekelioğlu. “It is about hope and courage to change the traditional role of women imposed on them. Courage is contagious” — Tuluhan says.
Let’s draw on the inspirational power of her words and make courage and hope the driving force of our 2018 Cinema4aCause campaign to change the lives of more underprivileged girls in Turkiye!

Please donate through below link and let’s encourage others and enjoy the movie all together with some Turkish tea, coffee, borek and other kind of Turkish pastry:

“When you find that inner strength, you excel beyond your limits. Hope and courage are in you. Just do it!”

This event is hosted by Seyran Seyran and Sevinc Sparks.

FRIDAY MAY 4, 2018
TACAM Building
28847 Beck Road, Wixom, MI 48393