Victory Day and Kurban Bayramı

Join us on August 25, Saturday at 2 pm for a celebration of the Kurban Bayramı and the Victory Day.

Since the days of Kurban Bayramı and the August 30th Victory day are very close, we decided to celebrate both at the same time this year again.

The event will start at 2 pm with a traditional Bayramlaşma and food service. Later, we will have a presentation related to the meaning of Victory Day, and listen the story of a war veteran from his grandson.

Lamb meat, pilav, and ayran will be served. We appreciate if you bring a side dish, salad, dessert or fruits.

If you want to pledge for the meat, please contact us at . We would also like you consider donating to our “student support project” through which two medical students, one law student in Turkey, and two university student in Michigan will be sponsored. Every year TACAM aims at raising approximately $3000 to support students in need both in Turkey and USA, all possible with your generous donations.

Hope to see you there,