Atatürk Park

The donors of TACAM Atatürk park project are being recognized on the leaves of the donation tree at the park entrance. Currently, the tree leaves are almost full with the names of supporters since the beginning of the project, but the tree can expand! On the donation tree there are three levels of pledges; copper leaves for $100- 499, silver leaves for $500- $999, and gold leaves for $1000, and for the pledges more than $2000 we have larger plates. This project is a continuous project and we greatly appreciate your support.

ATATÜRK Park Project
Location: TACAM 28847 Beck Rd, Wixom, Michigan, 48393

We are excited to share a project that we have finalized recently. It is about transforming a 3.6 acre (14.5 dönüm) area that belongs to TACAM into a park, and dedicate it to Atatürk the greatest leader of the 20th century as ranked by Prof. Dr. Arnold M. Ludwig and others.

All over the world, there are several designated areas named after Atatürk. But TACAM’s Atatürk park is the largest park in the US and outside the Turkic world.

As you may know TACAM currently owns a 6.7 acre property which was purchased back in 1981. The purchase was made possible with the donations from the Turkish Michiganders at that time. Towards the back side of the property, approximately 3.6 acres (14.5 dönüm), had not been utilized efficiently since the purchase, and currently has many fallen trees, leaves, and untrimmed bushes. TACAM board of directors believed that this unutilized part of the lot had a great potential to be a public park with running paths, rest and display areas. By naming the park after Atatürk we aim to create awareness about his principles and contributions to the Turkish history to the public both Americans and new generations of Turkish descent.

Please check this initial video to see how the project started:

Siz de bu projenin bir parçası, gururu olmak istemez misiniz?

Thank you very much for your contributions in advance!

Nilüfer Esen-Bilgin, M.D.
Atatürk Park Committee Chair

On Behalf of TACAM BoD.