Takaturko FC

Takaturko FC, founded and managed by Turkish Michiganders, completed their Michigan United Soccer League (MUSL) 2019 season on October 27. On the 4th division for 30 years and older, Takaturko successfully finished the league in second place with 8 wins, 2 draws, and only 4 losses in 14 games. For more details, see musl.net.

The team is composed of many Turkish American players, but also had players from other countries of origin. They all put their effort for the success of our own Takaturko.

TACAM collaborates with Takaturko every year with a breakfast event to raise funds for the team. Many current and past member of the Board of Directors are and had played for the team.

Creating awareness for the Turkish heritage among Michiganders requires a collective and a comprehensive effort. Takaturko plays a minor but nevertheless irreplaceable role in these efforts. Every game they take the field, they remind the opposing team that there is Turkish community here in Michigan, and hey they have a damn good soccer team!