Congratulations to ATAA!

We are happy to announce that our umbrella organization Assembly of Turkish American Associations (ATAA) is now accepted to be an association of the United Nations Department of Global Communications (UN-DGC) Civil Society Committee.

Being an association of UN-DGC is not only a prestigious honor, but also will give passes to facilitate access to United Nations officials, meetings, events and information-sharing sessions at New York Headquarters, as well as being eligible to propose and lead civil society briefings organized by the Department.

As you may know TACAM is a component association of ATAA since its establishment in 1979. In addition, several TACAM past presidents including but not limited to Dr. Kemal Goknar, Nurten Ural have served in ATAA as presidents and in other functions. Currently many TACAM members are involved with the ATAA board and committees, and the current ATAA president Gökhan Özalp is also the vice-president of TACAM.

We congratulate ATAA president Gökhan Özalp and the involved board members for this achievement.

Further information can be found at the UN website

Sincerely yours,