Newsletter 2020 Issue

We are happy to share the TACAM Newsletter 2020 Winter issue!

In this issue we again gathered the news happened in the community in last year such as newborns, newlyweds, farewells, new engagements, and the stories of successes within the community. We apologize in advance if we missed any newborns, farewells, or achievements.

In addition, you will find a summary of news related to TACAM events, Ataturk Park, Turkey-US relations in 2019 and an interview with the former TACAM executive board members Ayşegül and Celal Çolak who played fundamental role when TACAM was established.

Although some of these news are old to you, we think that these kind of documents would have an archival value in the future. Even today looking at these pages, seeing information about yourself or a friend creates a feeling of being part of a community, sense of belonging and unity, which in turn would serve for the purpose of TACAM.

We hope you enjoy reading it and appreciate if you consider writing articles for the future issues.

You can find all of our publications here or the current issue here.