Commemoration of May 19

On May 19, we commemorate Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and celebrate the Youth and Sports Day on the 102nd Anniversary of Ataturk’s landing on the port city of Samsun, Turkey on May 19, 1919 which marks the unofficial start of independence war against occupying forces. Mustafa Kemal organized the local resistance forces under the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, secured the borders in the east, southeast, and finally west after two years of war. A true, modern republic emerged in 1923 following the independence war. In this own words, fight against illiteracy was no less important than the fight against the enemy. His modern Turkey progressed relentlessly with his reforms, became an example for colonized and underdeveloped nations around the world. TACAM has been a proud follower of Ataturk’s ideology of modernism, progress, and peace.
This year, on this 102nd Anniversary, Turkish American youth prepared a video, performing Vatan Marsi – March of the Nation for this important day. TACAM would like to thank our children, as well as Mine Tasci and Nilufer Esen for musical and video edits.
19 Mayis Ataturk’u Anma, Genclik ve Spor bayraminiz kutlu olsun!!!