TACAM General Assembly

TACAM General Assembly was held virtually on Thursday, April 29th 2021. During the meeting, the current president, Mehmet E. Yaya provided his report on the activities and accomplishments of the organization during 2020-21. Mehmet E. Yaya expressed his gratitude to all current board members for their diligent teamwork over the year. His report includes the celebrations of our National Days, more than 20 virtual events encompassing history, health, personal finance, real estate, gastronomy, travel, and music. He also provided reports on Education, Outreach, Ataturk Park, Construction and Maintenance Committees. He concluded his remarks with goals for next year which include a more integrated Turkish American community in the state of Michigan with more charitable and outreach activities in different cities, townships as well through collaborations with other cultural associations.
Next, current treasurer, Tayfun Bilgin presented the financial reports for the fiscal year ended on March 31st, 2021 and the proposed budget for fiscal year 2021-22. The financial statements and proposed budget were approved unanimously by the members of the General Assembly.

Thursday, April 29
8:00 PM EST
Members Only · Hosted by TACAM
Online Event

The assembly then discussed and approved the proposed amendments to the current bylaws of the corporation. These amendments were related to the term limits, roles of board members. The updated bylaws adopted by the assembly will be available online on our website shortly.
The assembly also conducted the elections for the 2021-22 executive board, board of directors, and board of trustees and approved the slate of following individuals:

Executive Board
Mehmet E. Yaya – President
Fatoş Koçer – Vice President
Tayfun Bilgin – Treasurer
Kerim Ali Yılmaz – Secretary
Nilüfer Esen-Bilgin – Past President

Board of Directors
Handan Ege – Board of Directors
Hülya Erol-Garvett – Alternate Board of Directors
Aslı Koca – Board of Directors
Armağan Korkmaz – Board of Directors
İrem Meyer – Board of Directors (term ends 2022)
Ebru Mısırlı Mansfield – Alternate Board of Directors
Gökhan Özalp – Board of Directors
Sevcan Türk – Alternate Board of Directors
Burçin Yavuz – Board of Directors
Aynur Yeni – Board of Directors (term ends 2022)

Board of Trustees
Elif İzberk-Bilgin – Board of Trustees (term ends 2022)
Tunç Kulaksız – Board of Trustees
Muge Okuyucu – Board of Trustees (term ends 2022)
Tayfun Özdemir – Board of Trustees
Oya Tekeşin – Board of Trustees (term ends 2022)
Mustafa Ünüvar – Board of Trustees