THSC is proud to announce a new program… Adopt a Grandparent!

We know that with the COVID-19 pandemic, the older members of our community may be having a harder time maintaining social and emotional happiness with social distancing. Less gatherings and parties are occurring, and seniors have fewer opportunities to see their families.

Therefore, we’ve developed a program to connect seniors (65+) with TACAM High School Chapter members, where the they will meet on Zoom on a biweekly basis and have friendly conversations. Each senior who signs up will be paired with one THSC student. Then, they’ll be introduced to each other and will be able to start conversing! Topics of the conversation will be about life, school, current events, or any topic the two see fit to discuss. We hope that we bring another beacon of light to our most precious generation during (and after) this pandemic.

If you’re interested in signing up yourself or a senior, feel free to fill out the form by clicking here. Please also send it to others who may be interested!

Thank you!

Note: We are starting this program by advertising to the TACAM community. If the program gains traction, we may expand to other communities as well! See Less