TACAM High School Chapter Party

TACAM Education committee is planning a party to congratulate TACAM High School Chapter on their accomplishments in the past year and send them off to another great academic year. If you have a child starting high school this year, this is a great opportunity to get to know the members of chapter and the organizational structure. Being part of this organization would definitely improve your child’s social and leadership skills.

This is going to be an outdoor activity, but please bring masks in case you need to use the facilities. The event will be held on Friday August 27th at 6:00 PM.

TACAM will provide pizza, water, lemonade and decorations.
THSC will organize the games. We appreciate if you bring salads, side-dishes, fruits or deserts.

Please let us know via email to contact@tacam.org by August 20th if you will be attending and what you can bring.

Also, feel free to forward message to other families who may be interested in THSC.

Aynur Yeni and Fatos Kocer
On behalf of TACAM Education Committee