World Turkish
Coffee Day

This year for the first time, Turkish Michiganders in the community will celebrate the “World Turkish Coffee Culture Day”. Turkish coffee was declared as an intangible heritage by UNESCO on Dec 5 2013. Since then Dec 5th is celebrated as the World Turkish Coffee Day. To celebrate and increase an awareness of the Turkish coffee, TACAM is conducting several activities at various locations in Michigan on Monday December 5th, as well as at TACAM center on Sunday December 4th.

On Sunday Dec 4 at 3:00 pm we will gather at TACAM to drink freshly brewed Turkish coffee while watching a documentary about the Turkish Coffee which describes the coffee culture of Turkish people from different regions of Türkiye. You can watch a teaser of it here:

We also requested proclamations from the various cities to recognize the December 5th as the World Turkish Coffee and, so far the City of Kalamazoo has proclaimed it.