Turkish Classes

We are excited that this year we will have Turkish classes for both adults and kids, which will start at the end of September.

1- Classes for kids: For these classes kids should already have the reading and writing skill, i.e ages after 6. Before the classes start, we would like to have a meeting with the parents who are willing to have their kids attend these classes. The principle Mine Özalp and teacher Saadet Durmaz will meet you on Thursday, September 15th between 6:00 and 8:00 pm at TACAM. Based on the level of children, there may be more than one class available. For more information, please contact Mine Özalp at mine_tasci@yahoo.com.

2- Classes for adults will be conducted and taught by Çağdaş Akıncı and Özge Aydoğan. The weekday and time of the classes will be determined by the consensus of the course attendees. If you are willing to attend, please contact Özge at Aydo_06@yahoo.com.tr, and let her know your available times of the day(s) no later than Sep 10th.

Sincerely yours,