Republic Day Ball 2019

Celebration of the 96th Anniversary of the Republic of Turkey

Saturday, November 2, 2019
6:00 pm – 12:00 pm
Regency Manor & Banquet Center
25228 W 12 Mie Rd. Southfield, MI 48034

The Republic Ball organized by TACAM was held in Regency Manor & Banquet Center on November 2, 2019. Republic Ball was attended by more than 220 distinguished guests. TACAM was also pleased with the number of students attending this event with more than 50 students from universities, colleges pursuing their degrees celebrated the event far from their homes.

The event featured a concert by Yılmaz Morgül and Nişaniko on the keyboard in collaboration with the Unimpeded Life Foundation of Turkey. The foundation’s president Mr. Atilla Kaplakarslan, vice-president Mr. Edip Önder, Ohio and California coordinators Mrs. Dilek Yıldız and Ms. Arzu Yonak have attended the event.

TACAM President Dr. Mehmet Yaya made his remarks following the minute of silence and national anthems. Mr. Kaplakarslan shared the activities of his charitable foundation is undertaking in Turkey and presented a plaque to TACAM. Dr. Emine Evered presented her research on the importance of the republic and how the new Turkish nation dealt with health issues including malaria in 1920-30s.

The entertainment started with Nişaniko who sang few of those beautiful melodies from Turkey followed by Mr. Yılmaz Morgül for a night full of romantic and fast-paced songs in the first part of the program.

During the break, TACAM successfully completed a silent auction and raffle where the guests excitedly listened to the numbers drawn to see if they win a prize which included a 50 inch Roku TV this year. We would like to thank all of our donors and contributors for the gift cards and raffle items. During the night, Unimpeded Life Foundation also auctioned a gold-plated Ataturk Statue and was able to raise funds for their cause successfully.

Mr. Yılmaz Morgül started the second part of the program with few of our kids carrying a Turkish flag in their hand accompanying the famous singer to the stage. Mr. Morgul was again excellent entertaining the guests with his red tuxedo specially prepared for this Midwest tour. The night ended with the presentation of a plaque to Mr. Morgül for his contribution to the ball by the Republic Ball Committee Chair Aynur Yeni and TACAM president Dr. Mehmet Yaya.

The event was a big success, we heard nothing but good comments from the live entertainment to the food to the raffle/silent auction items. One of the most elegant and well attended balls in the recent years ended with big smiles on our faces full of enjoyment.