Political Activism and Turkish Americans

This informative discussion on the political activism was held on Sunday, December 6th, at 11:00 am. Our guests for this discussion were Hulya Erol-Garvett, Ceylan Rowe, and Onur Arugaslan who shared their experiences during 2020 election cycle, importance of political activism at the local level, and how to make a difference as Turkish Americans in the US politics locally, regionally, and nationally.

A recording of this discussion can be watched here.

Hulya Erol-Garvett is a long time supporter of TACAM, chair of the TACAM Outreach Committee and was instrumental receiving many congressional recognitions, celebratory letters from representatives. She is also an elected delegate to the Democratic Convention in Michigan. Ceylan Rowe received plenty of media attention during the 2020 primaries, running for election to the Massachusetts House of Representatives to represent the 12th Worcester District. Although, she did not get the nomination during the primaries, she inspired many Turkish Americans, especially women with her candidacy and her impressive campaign. Dr. Onur Arugaslan, professor of finance at Western Michigan University has also ran for office during the 2020 elections for the Board of Education, Mattawan School District in Kalamazoo, MI. He has been a prime example of how elected officials can make a difference in our local community. Although, he will be leaving the Board of Education at the end of the year, he is invited to join the Mattawan Public Education Foundation to continue serving the children in his district.

We thank our speakes and all who joined this lively conversation!


TACAM Board of Directors