Career of the Month: Economist!

THSC was proud to announce February’s career month webinar on… economist! On February 28th from 1-2 pm EST, three speakers in the field of economics, Professor Mehmet Yaya, Ms. Özge Gençalp, and Mr. Cem Tekeşin, gave insight on the economist career and provided valuable advice to high schoolers. Our speakers’ bios are further below. A recording of this event can be viewed here:

Sunday, February 28
1:00 – 2:00 pm
Public · Hosted by THSC
Online Event

Professor Mehmet E. Yaya: Mehmet E. Yaya was born and raised in Turkey. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Boğaziçi University before he moved to the United States in 2003. He obtained his MBA from Auburn University, then received his master’s and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Alabama. He moved to Michigan in 2009. He is currently the Professor of Economics and Interim Department Head in the Department of Economics at Eastern Michigan University. His research focuses on immigrants, income inequality, and poverty and he has published a number of articles in well-respected academic journals on these topics.
Ms. Özge Gençalp: Özge Gençalp is a Certified Public Accountant-CPA and has a Capital Market Board License. After graduating from Economics department of Bilkent University, she started her career as a Tax Consultant in PricewaterhouseCoopers in Banking and Capital Market Team and involved plenty of mergers and acquisitions for banks and financial institutions. After 17 years deep finance experience as FPA, strategic planning, treasury, pricing, accounting, tax, legal, engineering, finance transformation, and financial analytics in different companies and countries helped her have awareness of more than one perspective and the importance of the diversity. She’s also a believer of team work & synergy. Gençalp played ice hockey for 10 years and was a player of the national ice hockey team. As a result, she learned a lot from the team sport like concentration, discipline, hard work, and being a team player which helped her to build her career & reach my goals.
Mr. Cem Tekeşin: Cem Tekeşin was born and raised in Turkey. He completed his bachelor’s degree in Economist at Gazi University and obtained his master’s degree in Economics from Hacettepe University, where he started his career as a research assistant. With the graduate study abroad scholarship from the Turkish Higher Education Council, he moved to the United States, Michigan, in 2013 and obtained his second master’s degree in Agricultural Economics from Michigan State University (MSU) in 2015. After graduating from MSU, he started to work as a data analyst in the International Agribusiness Group, where he continues to work today as a risk management advisor, specializing in price risk management of agricultural commodities. Cem is also a registered commodity broker and working on his Ph.D. degree in economics at Hacettepe University.