Online Talk: Lykian Civilization

TACAM was proud to host Mr. Ümit Işın via Zoom meeting for a very informative and entertaining talk on Anatolian archaeology entitled “Lykian Civilizations.”. Mr. Işın took us into the world of Lykia, its history, cities, architecture, monuments, myths and more with hundreds of images and in-depth information. The presentation was in English.

Sunday, March 21
12:00 – 1:30 PM
Public · Hosted by TACAM
Online Event

A recording of this talk can be viewed here:

Ümit Işın is an archaeologist and a renowned TV producer and presenter of various programs related to Anatolian archaeology. After receiving his degree on archaeology from Ankara University with a specialization on classical archaeology, between 1983 and 1992 Mr. Işın worked in various excavations including Arykanda, Kaunos, and Habibuşağı, and surveys in the regions of Pisidia and Lykia. He is particularly known for TV shows on travel and archaeology such as Zor Yollar/Rough Roads (2011-2016) and since 2019, highly popular and still running Anadolu Arkeolojisi/Anatolian Archaeology on national television network TRT.