Turkey – From the Eyes of Expat Female Friends

We were pleased to host an online chat to hear the stories and experiences of some of our expat friends who lived in Turkey.Based on the definition of expat which means a person who lives/ lived outside of their native country, we, native Turkish women living in the USA are all defined as expats. But this time we listened to Turkey from the eyes of some friends in the community who were not born in Turkey but lived or still lives in Turkey for some time in their lives.

Sunday, July 11
2:00 PM EST (TSI 21:00)
Public Event – Hosted by TACAM
on Zoom

At the first of this kind of chats, we hosted Katherine Belliel, Cynthia Taşkın, Tanya Adman Akay and Naoko Şermet. We know we have several more expat females in the community and may continue to have them in our future events.

A recording of this event can be viewed here: